Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Beat the Blues!

The Lotus sprouts in the Keechad

Keechad is slushy mud, preferably really replete with the sort of microorganisms that would drive those who have anal retentiveness up a tree.

Things to do when you are in the keechad
Play football (Football in a slushy field is sexy!)

Mix 4 pills of Kali Phos in a quarter cup of hot water and sip.
Never underestimate its gentle power to heal the mind. I'm staying sane by shoving those 4 pills into my bottle of water.

Grin - use Laughter Yoga

Read at least one joke per day. I subscribe to at lest 2 joke sites- do let me know if you have a favourite.

Be properly sad. Don't shilly shally about it. According to my father and guru, Prof. N. C. Surya, the Ramayana mentions a "anger room"

So he ( And he was a pretty famous psychiatrist) used to tell me ( I'm quoting freely from memory): " If you want to be sad, do it properly. Go look in the mirror and act it out like Meena Kumari.
" Meena Kumari longed to be doomed. And she methodically set out to create tragedy in her life."

Remember: If you're feeling sad, you're not alone. It's the same thing when you have a head ache, are angry, hungry, etc. Our feelings come to us from the world of feelings. They are not ours.

I can go on writing but this is an ongoing adventure for me...

Last but not least, and again in the word of Shri Surya: " You are your own mother, father, brother, sister, lover, etc. "

So give yourself a BIG HUG.

You are the best creation of the Supreme Lord. There is no one and nothing like you in this whole universe, there never was and there never will be.

Arise like Arjuna
Overcome with grief Arjuna jumped from the chariot and threw his bow and arrows on the ground. Uncontrollable tears started flowing from his eyes

Finally, if you are sad and you read this, remember I love you. As I have been loved by the Universe. So go forth and give love, give laughter. Make use of your sadness.

Let your blues be the keechad from which the Lotus grows. Write, paint, dance, make love, sing- do anything to use this wonderful gift for

Remember: the world's most exquisite art was born of sadness