Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Veerdhaval Chorage and Ketaki Chorage's SEF FITNESS Fitness Gym, Aundh, Pune.

Having been gym goers for quite a few years now, my husband and I soon located a convenient gym after shifting to Pune a couple of years back. If I remember right it was called Arch Wellness Studio. We chose it because it offered us what we were looking for-a mix and match of fitness activities. Mondays was Bollywood Masti, Tuesdays and Thursdays had Power Yoga, Wednesday was Zumba and Friday was for aerobics. We drifted to the machines now and then and, except for the Yoga days, it was more or less half an hour at the most that we spent huffing and puffing. But even that did us a world of good.

The Yoga was splendid thanks to Devvrat Lele. He is a truly amazing Yoga instructor. Not one class was the same as the other and, for a restless person like me, it fit the bill well. I never felt like looking at the time which just flew as he took us through well designed moves. Quite tart of tongue, this young man has extensive knowledge which he does not flaunt but which is obvious in the design of his sessions. Alas, he seems not to have joined as part of the team which has taken over from Arch Wellness.

What was a bit annoying in that gym, though, was that the dance classes would get pretty crowded and it was no fun bumping into everybody especially if, like me, you have two left feet.

We took a break after our membership expired as I was hoping to construct my own fitness schedule for us which I'd dreamed would be a mix of yoga, a sport and a dance. We have dumbbells at home and, at a pinch, we pump iron when we feel like.

But most of the nearby gyms did not have any flexible schedule on offer and we thus gravitated back to the old gym only to find it'd changed hands.

And so here we are, well entrenched in a regular schedule and getting fit as a pair of fiddles!

It's all thanks to the young couple who now run the gym: SEF FITNESS Fitness.

Ketaki Chorge, a Sports Nutritionist with more than 6 years experience and lecturer at K11 Fitness Academy, has given us a wonderful diet sheet and we're both enjoying eating healthy. It's really made a difference to my otherwise troublesome digestive system.

Young and beautiful, Ketaki Chorge directs the gym shoulder to shoulder with her dashing husband. Always smiling, she balances motherhood with this work most delightfully. Their two kids grace the gym with their antics and make things merry for all of us. A big hats off to this young lady for showing the world that you can have your cake and eat it too.

We're in expert hands with the Director, Dhaval Chorge's exercise schedule. Mr. Chorge, a certified fitness trainer from the “American Council on Exercise”(ACE) with an MBA, has excellent leadership and management skills and one can always see him tirelessly motivating us all. And with all that hectic work, he also finds the time to attend to his two toddlers most patiently. We must add this quality of being an Ace dad to his huge list of accomplishments!

Last Sunday, he gave a talk at the gym. We were very impressed with how he wed functionality into the wider scheme of gym fitness activities.

I should also mention that the gym has some fine trainers. You can see one of them in the pictures here, looking super cool. There's also a terribly cute pair of twins. All of them work very hard to personally attend to all of us and make sure we workout safely and adequately.

We still mostly have the same routine as last year-two days of yoga and 3 of some fun jumping around. While nothing can match Lele's classes, Yoga is always worthwhile and I've begun to appreciate the present instructor's efforts. I've actually stood on my head!

As for the Bolly Masti and such, it's better than last year though I hope we'll be having a somewhat more spacious studio soon. As the gym is new, the crowd is still thin but in no time the dance floor will get congested and then it's chaos.

The instructors for the fitness dancing are more considerate than in the previous gym where some of them were mainly dancing for their pleasure. This time round we've instructors who keep an eye on us and design the moves so we can follow better.

All in all, I'm happy to work out at Veerdhaval Chorage and Ketaki Chorage's SEF FITNESS Fitness Gym in Aundh and wish them all the very best!