Friday, March 14, 2014

A Visit to Finesse Spa & Salon, Aundh, on a timesdeal Steal

In a moment of delightful idleness I chanced upon a timesdeal steal which seemed too good to be true: 
Pay Rs 499 for Full Body Massage/Waxing, Pedicure, Manicure & Threading worth Rs 3400 @ Finesse Spa & Salon

Although in a fairly popular commercial area, the salon is discretely tucked away above a bank and easy to miss. Which is a pity because, once the pretty glass door is opened, you enter a very relaxed, clean parlour. The decor at Finesse Spa & Salon has been handled with a lot of finesse. I was in for a very luxurious experience-a real steal at the price.
First came the threading and I must say I'm impressed that I did not have to wince even once which I normally do several times over when threaded. 
This was followed by waxing, carried out in a little room to one side, clean and functional. The waxing was, again, painless and swift and not at all messy. 

Finally, I was ushered back to the main space and led to a plush and comfortable seat with a large fancy tub before it. This was filled with nice hot water which kept changing colour as it swirled and bubbled around my feet. For the third time in a row I was delighted that the pedicure did not entail anything painful as it normally does for me-the use of the pumice stone by the wrong pair of hands can leave my feet scraped of the very skin and hurting for days to come. Thankfully, the FSS specialist did all her work with care and a gentle touch. I opted for some nice deep blue nail polish as she refused to put a different colour on each nail-a ritual I've adopted after watching Populaire.
As I lounged through this blissful pampering, soothing "Oriental" music wafted over me, emanating from behind the closed doors of the massage room.  
It was time to move on but I'd like to thank these young ladies from the bottom of my heart for making my day!
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