Friday, July 08, 2016

Review: Electric Feather: The Tranquebar Book of Erotic Stories

Electric Feather: The Tranquebar Book of Erotic Stories
Smut Fest
The problem with Electric Feather: The Tranquebar Book of Erotic Stories is that it begins with a super orgy story. With all the bushes people dive into, it read more like an adventure into some rain forest. For a moment I thought I had picked up the wrong one of the two books I was reading and that, perhaps, this was the Gerald Durrell. It was no trouble extricating myself out of all those tangled and thrashing limbs and a mercy it didn't leave me with a throbbing headache considering all the tumescence I'd waded through. Samit Basu seems a promising writer, otherwise -and I'm sure The Wedding Night Or, Bachelor's Boudoir is very tongue in cheek, although, in the story, tongues tend to go elsewhere.

The second one was a bit more to the tune of erotic with some sort of story veiling its scatological scenes - a girl, moist, melting chocolate, a film star hunk - suddenly transported to another time and place! Paromita Vohra also appears to be a writer of some worth, this short erotic tale apart.

Sheba Karim's Heavenly Ornament is quite delightful -evocative and imaginatively titillating.

Confessions by Abeer Hoque is hilarious and she displays a strong footnote fetish.

Sonia Jabbar's The Advocate is also fairly entertaining with a rather amusing twist in the tale.

A msm romp set in some European country forms Niven Govinden's contribution.

Love's Sonnet is a sweet and poetic story of love and heartbreak by Kamila Shamsie while Rana Dasgupta tosses us back into tangled masses of limbs, albeit in another land and with the added benefit of a swimming pool.

Tishani Doshi's juicy The Delicate Predicament of Eunice de Silva is merrily interlaced with lurid sms messages all in all CAPS.

I was looking forwards to the Jeet Thayil but it was very sanctimonious and very self conscious.

Meenakshi Reddy Madhavan explores the lengthy deflowering of a young man who's first class in theory.

Girl on girl action, The Quilt, by Parvati Sharma, is a piece of vigorous handwork.

And we come, pardon the pun, full circle back to a wild romp by editor Ruchir Joshi.

A must have for all horny readers but otherwise ho hum. Nice cover though - might make a nice and naughty wedding or anniversary gift ...Or a gift to some prurient young person. Or to an older person with flagging and flaccid libido...

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