Thursday, November 24, 2016

Pahmuk's "My Name is Red" - An Unforgettable Read!

My Name is Red
This is the edition I read and I rather like the cover art.
Every once in a while one comes across a story that is so enchanting, so unique in many ways, that it leaves a lasting impression. 

Excerpt: Chapter 1 I Am a Corpse

The characters will remain imprinted in one's consciousness as archetypes of Love and Betrayal, Jealousy and more. Human foibles are adorably portrayed. Thus, while it's a rather crafted piece, this book has all the ordinary virtues which draw us to reading: memorable characters and events.

Ostensibly a tale about miniaturists, Pahmuk's My Name is Red will open to you a world where not only the history and geography and more of the art is described but where the style also conspires to create the right ambience.

This is a book which gives voice to almost all things in Nature: a dog, a tree and even the Devil himself!

But, above all, a most tender love story! 

A book which smiles - there is a rich vein of humour, that sweet mother of compassion!

My Name Is Red is a book you simply must read. A worthwhile book, one which will enrich your world for you and weave for your pains a richness of your inner world.

A book you must absolutely buy! 

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