Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vathikuchi-Very Paisa Vasool

I have this love of Tamil movies although I cannot read the language and can barely follow the audio. I love the songs and dances. But, on a more serious note, it is also the story lines, the acting and, often, some very slick editing and visual compositions which attract me.

From the start, Vathikuchi plunges you into the story. The visual narrative pursues its course, zig zagging via brief flashbacks, deftly weaving its way through a couple of really cool songs,

all the way to a very cute happy ending.

Nothing to write home about? Well, surprisingly this story rocks: a good boy beats up bad guys, falls in love with one very crazy chick who never for a moment believes he's telling the truth about all the hair raising episodes he gets embroiled in, a few nicely done fight scenes, and a talent for making the gruesome almost hilarious.

It's a pity Tamil films don't get the exposure they deserve!

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