Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WeChat with anyone, anywhere? Global Cacophony or a Symphony of Diversity?

I hadn't the faintest idea what a WeChat is.  And now I know. Fascinating...

I can just imagine how delightful it would be in an aggravating sort of way if I could indulge in this with five of my dearest ones.

My Mom (hereinafter referred to as MM): Gita, your hair is so dry! I wish I was there to give you a head massage!

My Dad (hereinafter referred to as MD): Raggi, let the poor thing be! Gita, you look like a butsukooka!

My Son (hereinafter referred to as MS): What's a butsukooka??!!

My Husband (hereinafter referred to as MH): What?! It's a Boot which Sue cooked-was so tasty everyone went "Ah!" when they ate it.

My Daughter-in-law (hereinafter referred to as MDIL): Oh! Mom!!! You must send me the recipe! Is it a Malayalee dish?

Me (hereinafter referred to as M): Amma!!!! I'm 54 years old, for Godsake! I love my hair just the way it is!!! 

Daddy!!! I do not look like a butsukooka and you may have gone to the Happy Hunting Grounds but you've left us wondering what a butsukooka is! Not fair!!! 

And as for you, beta, don't even ask! It's some ancient Telugu term for a bushy haired dog or so I think... 

Hubby!!!!  Stop using your gadgets in the bathroom! I swear I hate hearing you flush when you're saying "Yes, dear" to me! I can see you, you know...

Baby girl, don't let this madhouse drive you nuts-we're a regular madhouse

Meanwhile MS plays with some emoticons 

MM: Oh! See! Our bacha is becoming a famous artist-like that fellow, you know-what was his name? Pagla Pistachio?

MD: Bah! Keep quiet! You don't know anything! He is doing new math-nowadays people do calculations like this-it's back to the basics-just like counting with an abacus  -didn't you read that PC Quest issue in the Heavenly Library? All computers are based on the abacus and that is why the Chinese are so powerful now.

MH: No, no, Doctor! These are emoticons-we use these to show how we feel!

And in the meantime, MS and MDIL are checking their FB pages while MM is squeaking in further bewilderment. 

MD and MH begin arguing about physics and the Bhagavad Gita and all is just a series of blah blah blah until mercifully an incessant beeping breaks into my consciousness.

I open my eyes. I'm in bed and mighty irritated to be woken up on Mother's Day when I planned to snooze till noon. I blindly grab the beeping object and then a delighted realisation breaks in!

It's a brand new gadget! And it's got a little card on it that says: Happy Mother's Day, Mom! Hope you like your gift-and I've loaded WeChat on it so let's begin right away :D!

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