Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Troll Hunter-a Not-To-Miss Classic

Over the years I have grown increasingly sick of movies from the US, from Hollywood or not, and, more broadly speaking, English-Language films. British films might be somewhat "clever" but even they do not offer the mature nature and skill and talent that is commonly found in, say, French films. Another reason to avoid the genre is that it stultifies your world view until all you know about the world is all Hollywood and its cronies want to tell you. Thus, for the past so many years, I do what has to be done so that I can watch films from all over the world. 
Indeed, I cannot be accused of being regional for I seem to have as much aversion to Bollywood and other Indian regional mainstream cinema as I have to Hollywood. I am fairly catholic, otherwise, in my viewing tastes although I prefer films from South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and, most certainly, those from France.
Thus it was a change to come across The Troll Hunter, to finally get to see it for I had seen the trailer when it was about to be released. The film is well made and thoroughly enjoyable to any student of cinema or any film buff. 
This Norwegian film is said to be a mix of Jurassic Park and The Blair Witch Project but it is an insult to this fine piece of work to compare it to Spielberg's commercial popcorn or the childish BWP.
Using a fine dry combination of wit, humour, social comment,legend and special effects, the film takes you through amazing countrysides and into the realm of the larger than life in a most entertaining fashion.
So prepare to enjoy and hunt down this film ASAP!
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