Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Théodore Poussin-Marie-Vérité

This week's graphic novel on my reading list, it immediately captured my attention over the rest of the books in the pile as it is set in the area around/near Malaysia.
Of course, it is as colonial in its depiction as any from all the Somerset Maugham clones. Yet the story is action packed and the graphics enchant.
To know more: 
Théodore Poussin is a comic book series created by French writer Frank Le Gall about a glasses-wearing hero - it was first published in 1984, in Spirou magazine. The third volume of the series, Marie-Vérité won 1989 Angoulême International Comics Festival Prize for Best Comic Book.
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Another extract and more about the author and his works ...

 The year is 1929. At Long Andju, the sultanate of Sarawak at Borneo, preparations to celebrate Christmas are afoot when the Marie Vérité sails in.
The European residents of the island are busy living it up at the British embassy when a stranger from the ship joins them. Théodore Poussin was invited by the daughter of the consul. Yet he is actually there to look for the daughter of Sir Laurance who disppeared during Aru-El-Kader's takeover 15 years ago. She was called Marie Vérité. Théodore Poussin is not welcome at Long Andju.
In the meanwhile another stranger arrives. Is he back from the dead? With a vengeance? (My rough translation from
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