Tuesday, June 28, 2016

5 Lloyd C Douglas Novels I read Long Ago

When I was a rather young girl, I was rather lonely. Being quite socially maladjusted, I drowned my woes in books and what better solace to all who despair than some Goody Two-Shoe type book? 

1. It could have been my father who first read The Robe and I not only followed suit but ended up reading a good many of Lloyd C Douglas' books.

The Robe

A deeply moving novel about a Roman soldier who wins Christ's robe when he is crucified and how he is transfigured. There was a film based on the book:

You might like to dip into the book, below - I'd be deeply touched if there's still someone in today's world who can get sentimental over such a theme.

2. I think I enjoyed The Big Fisherman, my second Lloyd C Douglas, better. Was it the romance? Was there humour that enchanted me? I forget.

The Big Fisherman

This was also made into a film and the print of the video below is in rather bad shape, I warn you.

Browse the book below and maybe you'll enjoy it as much as I did.

3. Since my father was a doctor I suppose Magnificent Obsession followed next with ease.

Magnificent Obsession

There was a film based on this one too:

Set in the medical genre, it's worth a read in you're in the profession and even if you're not, it's quite a moving book. 

4. Also a Doctor story, Green Light is quite a dramatic story.

Green Light

If you're in the mood for a slightly tattered black and white film, do enjoy the Errol Flynn version below:

And I'd be happy if you also dipped in below for I'm sure there are still those who'd be charmed by this somewhat moral tale:

5. I'm afraid I can't recall much about White Banners and I leave you to find out more about this uplifting novel by Lloyd C Douglas.

White Banners

Find below a scene from the 1938 film - from the response on Youtube, people are charmed!

And I leave you with the chance to run your eyes over this story about which a reader on Goodreads says: 
Every time I read it, I come away a better person!
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