Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Peek At Comic Con, Delhi, March 2012

Some years back I had a splendid time popping in on the Comic Con stall at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi, when I'd gone there for the release of my husband's book:

After the event, I toddled off as my husband hobnobbed with friends. And I chanced upon the Comic Con stall!
Chairman Meow and The Protectors of the Proletariat

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Random Comics
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The Obliterary Journal
I love the very Tamil magazine look of such art!
Exquisite nostalgia for South India! 
 Room for some French BDs
And this!
I'd be glad to get any one of the below mugs on my birthday
Or present one to one of the many Wonder Bais of India
 Or to any Supermummy from around the world
 In fact, I'd be quite happy with one each
 A touch of Mario Miranda

 I read that there have been other Comic Cons but, alas, none that I visited
It was here that I saw and fell in love with The Stupid Guy From India
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