Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Satrapi's Persepolis - A Must Read Graphic Novel!

What an outrageously good book! I've thoroughly enjoyed it and I salute Marjane Satrapi for this work!

This tale of a girl growing up in Iran could well be that of me growing up in India. Loving parents and grandparents who are responsible for the creation of an absolutely delightful girl. The hypocrisies that crept into our lives due to the perverted views of our civilisations as perceived by those who decided to "define" us unleashed a conservatism far from the liberal and rich cultures that existed in India and Iran.

Satrapi fearlessly takes on societies and other demons with delightful verve and unforgettable humour.

I've not seen the film but hope to.

Below is a video of Satrapi's paintings.
This video of an interview with the author helps us see this superb lady and hear her views on things.
One more for the road and one which someone will probably complain about and it will get taken down :(

I do hope that all my Indian lady friends will read this and indeed all and sundry too. 
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