Monday, January 09, 2017

Beggars Banquet - A Feast For Aficionados

Given 2017 has just begun, I'm a little more prone to trying to stick to resolutions. One such is to read 20 pages of a book, in a park.    And that's how I finished Trip Trap, the first story in the collection.

It's one of the rare cases where I enjoyed the Introduction too!

Ian Rankin writes in an easy manner and, before I knew it, I was absorbed.

The introduction was full of references to music.

There seem to be a lot of Inspector Rebus shows on Youtube:

And there's others...

Given that a 20 page read of Beggars Banquet has whetted my appetite, I can see myself going for the one below soon!

But, for the present, I'm happy to have some 21 stories to read on my upcoming trip!
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